Everyday Small Things

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Everyday Small Things: Beach day!!! Weston-Super-Mare




We got fresh donuts!  Yum!! And the seagulls wanted them!


Grand Pier – I’ve learned to love the British seaside for its attractions and bunting!

Weston super mareYesterday we were visiting friends in Bristol. The sun was shining so we bundled their kids and our sore heads (from the previous night) into the car and headed off down to Weston-Super-Mare.  What a great name!  I wanted to make a short home movie of the trip, so mostly took short videos but ran out of storage (mental note for the future to be more prepared!).  So these are a few of the pictures I took.  And I got sunburnt!!!!  I thought I had enough sun cream on for the soft British sun, but apparently I have been living in Europe (out of the strong Australian sun) for six years!

I thought the name might mean something to do with it being a brilliant seaside… but it actually means ‘Settlement on the Sea” according to Wikipedia.  I think I like my version more!

Here are five fascinating facts about Weston:

  • There is one of the largest tidal ranges in the world here, so when the tide goes out… out it goes for a whole mile!image
  • The locals therefore lovingly called it:  Weston Super Mud!  🙂
  • During the 19th Century it became very popular with the Victorians.  Here is a photo I took off the wall in the restaurant from 1897:
  • Grand Pier apparently ‘accidentally’ burned down in 2008.
  • There is a huge gaming archade at the end of Grand Pier.  We went twice because we got to play some wicked ‘modern’ games, but also some really traditional British archade games.  In particular I had always wanted to tick of a Coin Pusher machine.  If you don’t know what I mean Click here.  We just used 2 pence coins and ended up winning quite a bit twice (and then losing it all….).  Bucket list item #52:  tick.  Done.
  • There are donkey’s you can ride on the beach!  Gotta love a donkey!
  • You can get fresh donuts everywhere!!!  And ice cream!!  And lovely fish and chips!

I think Weston-Super-Mare might be my favourite beach in the UK (not quite the world).  That title would have to be held by my local beaches at home in Tasmania, Australia!!!!  If you are ever in this corner of the world I definatley recommend a trip here for a great day out!  Could be a romantic destination or ultra-kid-friendly!!!!

Where is your favourite beach in the World?



Everyday Small Things: cloud vistas on trains


Today was grey, rainy and overcast. And I’d spent the whole day in a ‘dungeon’-like room underground. So when I appeared this evening and got on the train to go home I was surprised when a soft glow shone on my book. I turned to see these dramatic clouds. I snapped this pic from the speeding train so please forgive the blur and reflection.  I love when the sun reappears below the clouds after a cloudy day on its journey below the horizon having been hidden behind the barricade of cloud cover all day.  These short glimpses of the sun remind me of its life-giving nature and restorative powers! And for that moment I am happy and fulfilled!

How does the sun make you feel? What was your special moment of happiness today?

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Everyday Small Things: Favourite chore = Washing

Washing 1 Washing shirts Washing 2OK, so everyone has jobs and chores to do around the house.  But I’m just going to come out and say it.  I love hanging the washing out on the line.  I love the excuse to get outside.  I love that it is often before work so I can enjoy that special quiet time with dappled morning hues with the sunrise.  I love thinking about which part of the line will get most sun and therefore which clothes should go there.I love the feeling of clothes that have dried on the line.  Ooh even better… bed sheets that have dried on the line!  It is made even more special that in the UK there are really only a handful of opportunities to do this during the year.  When the sun comes out, I just wash my whole house.  Sometimes even things that don’t really need it!  So yeah… kinda sad.. but it really is the everyday small things that bring me pleasure!

What is your favourite chore to do around the house?