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Elimination Diet: day 4


Today is day 4 of my elimination diet and luckily so far I haven’t really noticed I’ve been restricting so many food groups.¬† This shows me that I do eat well most if the time ūüôā it is the weekends that kill me however!

What am I eliminating? My aim is to explore tiredness, migraines and ‘angry’ joints (that inflame very easily and take a long time to settle- the kind that surprises professionals even). So having taken the advice of a nutritionist amount others I am excluding.., (hold your breath – no don’t really): all grains, dairy, legumes as well as the usual sugar and processed foods.¬†

What am I most nervous about?  Craving crisps when I have a migraine as they are such a comfort food for me, chocolate cos I love it and picking at eliminated food without thinking as I still have to cook for others in our house.

I am very grateful however that this weekend doesn’t really exist for me as I’m in an 8 day Pilates course! Starting Saturday. So I’ll be busy and distracted out of the house.¬† Also Pilates makes you feel amazing, clean and super in tune with your body.¬† I cooked all Thursday in preparation-THE KEY TO SUCCESS- to minimise falling off the wagon.

My first true test arrived last night with our pastry chef neighbour who returned from a festival with tray loads of temptation!¬† How do you stay strong in those moments?¬† If you know me at all then you’ll know that I am usually extremely weak when it comes to temptation! But yesterday- wasn’t difficult actually. They say on an elimination that if u mess up ONCE you may as well not make the effort at all! One of the reasons behind doing the elimination is to ‘heal’ your gut and thereby help your body ‘recalibrate’ its immune system (which gets heightened with an inflamed gut). Thereby helping joint inflammation and migraines etc.¬† I’ve gotten to the point of my Happy, Healthy &Strong journey in which it is time to take a good hard look at my diet. And more importantly am in a place in my life and self that I can. I am.:)

So all in all so far so good. Maybe for the first time in my life I’ve found the mental strength to not let any demons out to sabotage me in a moment of weakness. Maybe this is because my motivation to look at my diet is different than before (eg losing weight). I have to remind myself that this 30 days is not going to solve all my problems. But hopefully it’ll be a massive piece of the jigsaw puzzle. And at the very least I will learn something about myself. Happy days!

P.S. I will post the weekly menu plans I’m making too at some stage in case you’re interested. X


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How many muscles are in the human body? [Everyday Small Things]


WOOP! ¬†Such a nerd! ¬†As you know I am studying to become a qualified Pilates instructor at the moment. ¬†Part of my course requires me to learn a fair bit of anatomy and physiology. ¬†Luckily I just so happen to teach (as a secondary science teacher) a lot of the physiology – phew – so that hopefully won’t require too much of my time.

The anatomy on the other hand may just need a fair bit more time devoted to it – especially all the muscles!

FACT:  According to Wikipedia there are at least 640 muscles in the human body (depending on who you speak to).

Luckily many of them work in pairs so that brings the list of names needed to know down to 320.  Saying that I am slightly daunted by this task is certainly an understatement.  So I have enlisted the help of two books:  The Concise Book of Muscles and an Anatomy Colouring Book.

I have always wanted an excuse to learn human anatomy. ¬†Having studied zoology at university I could recognise all the bones of crocodile, koala or Panda’s skull at one stage, but never learned muscles. ¬†Now is my chance. ¬†Learning is something that I really enjoy. ¬†It gives me a strong sense of accomplishment and improves my own self identity/confidence. ¬†My aim is not just to ‘learn’ the muscles in order to pass the exam, but to truly learn (most) of them. ¬†This will 1) satisfy myself that I have truly accomplished this challenge and 2) make me feel more confident understanding the relationship between the body and Pilates when working with clients.

As I teacher I gave myself a long, hard look in the mirror telling myself that I have an enormous toolbox of strategies for learning so I would be pretty (extremely) foolish not to use them.

I know that I learn best through writing in context, use of colour, pictures and then verbalising. ¬†What does this mean? ¬†Well basically putting the information into my own words or format, using lots of colours and pictures where possible, then explaining to someone else. ¬†Yes that requires more effort… but that is exactly why they work! ¬†Hence the colouring book. ¬†Plus you need to have some level of enjoyment to learn as this means that your brain is engaging in more areas and therefore greater learning is occurring! ¬†So felt tips (textas) and coloured pencils are at the ready. ¬†Watch out muscles… here I come!

Do you enjoy learning?  How do you learn best?

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Happy, Healthy, Strong: Pilates Instructor here I come!

‚ÄúPhysical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.‚Ä̬† Joseph Pilates

Tomorrow I am starting a Pilates Mat Instructor Course.  Yipitydoodaaaaaaah!!!!  Excited much?!  Arr yes!!!

I came to Pilates to help combat the ol’ migraines and was lucky enough that my gym had a truly talented and well educated Pilates instructor. ¬†Iwona from Poland. ¬†And yes this is cheesy, but she did change my life and she got me on this road to Pilates. ¬†Pilates makes me Happy, Healthy and Strong. ¬†I want to incorporate it more into my life. ¬†I want to understand the art/science of Pilates more. ¬†I want to help people the way Iwona helped me. ¬†I’ve had countless moments as a teacher where I’ve had the opportunity to make a difference for others. ¬†And I’m addicted because it is important to me to be able to help others in my life.

So tomorrow off I’ll go… really nervous.. but excited because I feel it is one of those moments in life where I’ll be opening a new door. ¬†I have no idea what’s on the other side… but it is a step forward to creating the life I dream of!

This old take of Keep Calm & Carry On rings true – I do find doing Pilates empowering, calming and centering! ¬†And now it’s going to be in my life more! ¬†ūüôā

What brings you calmness?  What empowers you?