Everyday Small Things

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Everyday Small Things: Wisdoms

Today I somehow ended up watching a video by one of my favourite bloggers Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.  She was being interviewed as an ambassador for ShapeWhatsToCome where she quoted this as the best piece of advice she had been given:

What doesn’t get done, doesn’t need to get done.

How true?!!!  I find Elsie and her sister Emma’s blog really inspirational.  They’ve created a whole business for themselves and I just love reading their lifestyle blog ABM.  They are so creative in their ‘art’ of blogging:  they produce ‘clever and enticing features’ and ‘top tip features’ that I find really addictive to read!  In fact I was a little obsessed with their website for a week or two (or three…).  Through reading about their lifestyle I have been motivated to get creative again by Making & Baking (soon to be a regular feature here), Photography & simply creating this blog!  So thanks ladies for inspiring me!  And Thanks Elsie for the tip!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?