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Everyday Small Things: Adoring Pets

1 Cats

I’ve never been a cat lover, but my friend Sarah has the most adorable two brothers (cats that is):  Monty and Billy.  Otherwise known as Montyliscious and Billy-Bob.  And last night I was honoured by having Monty join me in bed.  Now I always thought it a little weird, people sleeping with their pets.  But I certainly felt honoured to be the chosen one!  Needless to say I let him keep his position between the sheet and doona and moved over to give him space.  No I didn’t squash him.. in fact hardly knew he was there.

Dog Sammy PuppiesDog Harvey

Our family dogs (Schnauzers), the most gentle and friendly of dogs.  Meet:  Sammy (Mum), 2nd litter of puppies & Harvey (Dad) on a trip to the shack.

I love the unconditional love of pets.  And I miss my family dogs terribly.  Especially because when you are away from home you cannot talk to them as you do your family over the phone.  And they really don’t get skype!  Sammy one of our Schnauzers was

Harvey dog & I

deaf in the end anyway!

It’s my dream that when I move back to Australia I am going straight to the dogs home and give a dog a new home.  Mine!

What do you love about pets?