Everyday Small Things

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Everyday Small Things: Favourite chore = Washing

Washing 1 Washing shirts Washing 2OK, so everyone has jobs and chores to do around the house.  But I’m just going to come out and say it.  I love hanging the washing out on the line.  I love the excuse to get outside.  I love that it is often before work so I can enjoy that special quiet time with dappled morning hues with the sunrise.  I love thinking about which part of the line will get most sun and therefore which clothes should go there.I love the feeling of clothes that have dried on the line.  Ooh even better… bed sheets that have dried on the line!  It is made even more special that in the UK there are really only a handful of opportunities to do this during the year.  When the sun comes out, I just wash my whole house.  Sometimes even things that don’t really need it!  So yeah… kinda sad.. but it really is the everyday small things that bring me pleasure!

What is your favourite chore to do around the house?