Everyday Small Things

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Everyday Small Things: Birthday Drinks

My EST today was celebrating my 30th birthday early with my closest friends before heading off to the UK again.  AND drinking Moet.  AND inventing my new birthday cocktail the Dirty Thirty Slice (recipe to come soon).

It’s not my birthday for another week – but yesterday we celebrated my 30th Birthday with a quiet night and best friends.  Although I will be back in the UK next week for my 30th I was so grateful that I could celebrate such an important milestone with my closest friends.


We started the night with some pre-d’s… Real Moet – I’m such a lucky girl.  Thanks Kate for sharing this with us (we’re bubbles lovers we are!).

imageOur new cocktail invented for my birthday:  Introducing the Dirty-Thirty-Slice (recipe to come soon)

Now whenever I come back my friend Julz and I share a packet of Mint Slices which are a famous Australian biscuit.  So we decided to invent a new cocktail:  the Dirty Thirty Slice.  I’ll put a recipe soon!


Kate and I enjoying our Dirty Thirty Slices

We went out for a lovely meal, then off for a few quiet drinks and a chance to catch up with some more old friends.  Somehow however… tequila came out… and I got to bed closer to the sun rising than setting.  Fun night – although my head is a little (a lot) sore today!  Hope you are having a great day! xo KT


What’s important to you at your birthday?