Everyday Small Things

About EST

G’day and Welcome!  I am so happy you’ve found me and my blog (Everyday Small Things – EST)!  Over the last few years I’ve felt life flit away from me – the never ending rush of deadlines and to-do lists.  But, NO MORE!  This year I am choosing to remember to STOP.  LOOK.  LISTEN (no kids we are not learning to cross the road here.. or maybe we are on some metaphorical level…?!).  I want to be aware of the small pleasures in my day that do make me happy rather than casting them to the wayside as not being significant enough as I have been.

So here we are:  this is my lifestyle blog.  A blog by Katrina or KT or Thomo or Kat or Trine or Ohdaktthomolodian or by however you may know me.

This blog will be primarily about happiness in today’s moments.  I don’t want to put boundaries on it just yet – my scientific mind is good at doing that, but my creative mind has started rebelling so I am giving it a voice for a while.  But I expect to primarily blog about my understanding of mindfulness – that is learning to listen to my heart again.  And about my current moto of being happy, healthy & strong in mind, body & spirit.

So please do join me – as sharing and learning are one of my #1 top tips for happiness & appreciating the Everyday Small Things!


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