Everyday Small Things

Wimbledon, Lemonade & the best BF going


imageHi guys,

so I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I had to put a self-imposed blogging ban on myself as I’ve had to apply for new jobs and gosh that takes time!  But there has been a lot going on, and I have lots of new ideas I want to blog about so I’m excited to jump back in.

Randomly though I got food poisoning the other day.  As for the culprit… we have a few suspects… but am not sure.  We joke that I get food poisoning ‘good’ once a year.  In fact my recent trip to France was the first of five times I managed NOT to get sick – I just get waaaayyyyyy too excited about all the food.  And wine.  And cheese (that’s food I know).  You get the idea.

Anyway I sent my BF to get me some lemonade.  That’s what Mum always got me when I needed to get some sugar and fluids back in me.  Funny how when you are sick you crave the things that your Mum did for you as a child. [My Brazilian host Mum tried to make me eat steak and drink milk when I had the flu once… I just cried.. that is the last thing my real mother would ever have given me… but I really appreciated the gesture!]  Long story short… not only did he come back with lemonade.  But THE brand I secretly wanted too… SCHWEPPES!!!  I didn’t specify the brand when I asked because he’d had a long day and was already doing me a favour.  But somehow he knew!  He’s such a good egg!

I also managed to time the food poisoning to one of my FAVOURITE weeks of the year… WIMBLEDON!  So rather than feeling guilty about not enjoying the one sunny day of the year, or job aps etc I spent my time on the couch, drinking lemonade.  Really I might organise that every year!

I’m looking forwards to sharing some of the splendid summer magic with you!  xx

Which makes me wonder… what are the comforts you wish for when you are unwell?


Author: Everyday Small Things by KT

An Aussie living in the UK - reminding herself of all the precious moments each day that do actually bring joy and a smile to her face! Please share your story with me too... x KT

2 thoughts on “Wimbledon, Lemonade & the best BF going

  1. The only time we were allowed white bread was when we where sick. Otherwise it was multigrain all the way.
    So white toast with the tiniest smear of vegimite is what I crave when my tummy is unhappy.
    We also got (flat) lemonade from Nanna when we had gastro!

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