Everyday Small Things

Everyday Small Things: cloud vistas on trains



Today was grey, rainy and overcast. And I’d spent the whole day in a ‘dungeon’-like room underground. So when I appeared this evening and got on the train to go home I was surprised when a soft glow shone on my book. I turned to see these dramatic clouds. I snapped this pic from the speeding train so please forgive the blur and reflection.  I love when the sun reappears below the clouds after a cloudy day on its journey below the horizon having been hidden behind the barricade of cloud cover all day.  These short glimpses of the sun remind me of its life-giving nature and restorative powers! And for that moment I am happy and fulfilled!

How does the sun make you feel? What was your special moment of happiness today?


Author: Everyday Small Things by KT

An Aussie living in the UK - reminding herself of all the precious moments each day that do actually bring joy and a smile to her face! Please share your story with me too... x KT

2 thoughts on “Everyday Small Things: cloud vistas on trains

  1. Yes, the sun is such a powerful thing! Having just experienced the winter solstice down here (in Australia!) I am looking forward to the gradual increase in the sun’s presence as our days get longer and the nights shorter. So often in my busy, suburban week I don’t get the chance to stop and admire the sunrise or sunset. But on Friday, the shortest day of the year, I did take a walk along Williamstown beach and was there in time to see the western sky light up with glorious colours as the sun made its speedy descent over the horizon. Isn’t it lovely when you find the time and space to enjoy a wide expanse of sky and fully appreciate the joy amd beauty of nature?!

    • Yes so true Em! Am nice work on getting out for a walk on the Winter Soltice!!! It’s such a hard time of year to get out and about when you are usually still at work at sunset. Which is so disappointing because although cold and depressing, sunset is still often so gorgeous during winter if you can just see it! Thanks so much for sharing this Em!!!! xx

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