Everyday Small Things

Everyday Small Things: Ice Cream Vans


Ice cream sundae Ice cream yum

One of my favourite summertime tastes is soft serve ice cream.  One of my favourite summertime sounds is our local ice cream van.  He comes around with his music on every evening in summer.  He drives to every street in our block.  We allow ourselves to go out once or twice over the season 1) we don’t really need the extra calories and 2) he typically only reaches us at about 9:15 pm as it’s not dark here until almost 11pm.  Well I’m in bed by 9:30 pm… I’m a girl who needs my 8 hours sleep!  And early rises for work necessitate this.  But we went out the other day with our neighbours.  It is such a nice way to meet people on your street – his brief visit helps to bring the community together a little bit!

My favourite flavour would have to always be chocolate with nut sprinkles.  Lots of chocolate.  Sometimes cone.  Sometimes tub.  That can be a tough decision.  Oh and don’t forget the flake!!!!!!  This is a variation of a 99 – a British tradition.  One cone + One serve plain soft serve ice cream.  My cousin first introduced this to me on a hot summer day in London when I first arrived.  Where did the 99 get it’s name from?  I thought it got it’s name from costing 99 pence (even though they are often a little more these days).  Actually I just googled it and found an article on BBC news.  Click here is you want to know more and the real reason behind the name and tradition!!!!

I tried to find my ice cream truck’s song on youtube for you.  Here is a link to lots of other ice cream truck songs (I’m going to go out and try and record the song if I can and I’ll add the post).  Each song brings back a really vivid, happy memory from my childhood.  It’s fun to do things as an adult that you used to do as a child.  Maybe one day when we have children we’ll get to do that all the time.  But for now, with just the two of us it is a fun little adventure that made us smile a lot!!

Did you grow up with an ice cream van?  What memories do you have?  What is your favourite flavour of all time?


Author: Everyday Small Things by KT

An Aussie living in the UK - reminding herself of all the precious moments each day that do actually bring joy and a smile to her face! Please share your story with me too... x KT

2 thoughts on “Everyday Small Things: Ice Cream Vans

  1. I loved your blog… That ice cream luks delicious 🙂

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