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I am so happy you’ve found me and my blog (Everyday Small Things – EST)!  Over the last few years I’ve felt life flit away from me – the never ending rush of deadlines and to-do lists.  But, NO MORE!  This year I am choosing to remember to STOP.  LOOK.  LISTEN (no kids we are not learning to cross the road here.. or maybe we are on some metaphorical level…?!).  I want to be aware of the small pleasures in my day that do make me happy rather than casting them to the wayside as not being significant enough as I have been.

As an Aussie living in the UK working as a secondary teacher, I have been experiencing some of the happiest, warmest, most spontaneous, darkest, loneliest, most character-building moments in my almost 30 years so far.  Two years has quickly turned into six!  And so I’ve found myself feeling deeply agitated, confused and at times folks.. unstable.

London Olympics 1London Olympics 2London Olympics 3

My boyfriend and I at the London Olympics (Mens Hockey – Australia smashed South Africa boomyah) 2013.

This blog came about because although I love teaching, I’ve felt I would always move on from it… exactly to where I am still not sure  – possibly into media which has always been a dream.  And to support this transition I wanted to show that I am more ‘media-literate’ than just using an interactive whiteboard.  So I have tossed and turned on this idea for some time now… even started and deleted a number of different blogs.  But it is true what they say… the best blogs are about the things that are important to you each day… which brings me here….

What is important to me right now?  At this moment?  Well these things:  remembering that there are things each day that bring me happiness and put a smile on my face – that is the Everyday Small Things.  Somehow I’d forgotten this.  Crazy!  I am a young, educated, empowered woman.  How could I forget such a fundamental concept from my childhood?!  I thought I’d go off to the UK.. party, be an outstanding teacher, get rich, get fit, fall in love and of course save the world.  Yeah I’ve achieved a lot of this, but I hadn’t set realistic goals here, had I?!  What have I learnt?  I can’t do it all at once.  And that’s cool.  I’m fine now with needing eight hours sleep.  Of needing regular ‘KT time’.  Of not having boundless reserves of energy.  And with all that in mind I am standing here… at this junction in my life… lucky enough to be able to have the choice and ability to make change.  To be grateful.  And most of all happy.

I hope to have a number of regular features.. so stay tuned!

What’s important to you right now in your life?


Author: Everyday Small Things by KT

An Aussie living in the UK - reminding herself of all the precious moments each day that do actually bring joy and a smile to her face! Please share your story with me too... x KT

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